Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner make hilarious entries to the My Elf trend. Check out ‘Oprah on Chopra’ – hollywood


Actor Priyanka Chopra and her sister-in-law Sophie Turner have taken part in the #MyElf trend that is the latest rage with Hollywood celebrities. Both of them have shared witty new posts on Instagram to show their own tiny ‘elves’.

As per the trend, one has to share a picture of a tiny version of another celebrity, perched on their shoulder. Only requirement is that their name should rhyme with yours. So Priyanka realised Oprah was the perfect match for her. “Oprah on Chopra. Boom. #hadto #myelf @oprah,” she wrote with a picture of herself and a tiny Oprah Winfrey photoshopped on her.


Sophie paid tribute to Game of Thrones and Seinfeld with her post. “Costanza on Sansa #MyElf It’s actually pronounced Sahn-sa but … for the sake of comedy I’ll allow this. Edit by @jordanmcgraw,” she captioned her post.


Late night host Jimmy Fallon put Timothee Chalamet on his shoulder while Cara Delvigne put the Queen on hers. Others who took part include Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Banks and Taraji P Henson.


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Priyanka and Sophie are married to Nick and Joe Jonas, respectively. The two are close and along with Kevin Jonas’ wife, Danielle, are lovingly termed the J Sisters by their fans.

Priyanka is currently in London, shooting for her upcoming film Text For You. Earlier this week, she was spotted on shoot location with Nick. Text For You is an adaptation of a German movie and also stars Celine Dion. Priyanka will also be seen in Matrix 4, We Can Be Heroes and multiple other movies.

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