Watch this week: Force Space Force, y ‘Remy’ and G Hannah Gadsby: Douglas’

Streaming this week: Force Space Force, y ‘Remy’ and G Hannah Gadsby: Douglas’

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One of the new streaming shows I’m watching the most, Netflix’s Space Force with Steve Carell, debuts this week. I definitely need something fun and smart in the lineup- I started to see that I know this is very true and is now catching on to Ozark, so a less morbid / foggy show would be a welcome change.

Three shows on the lighter side (or at least, the dystopian side) are coming this week:


Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby, perhaps best known for her stunning, Peabody Award-winning standup show Nanette, is bringing Netflix (fwiw, Douglas is the name of one of her dogs) to her latest comedy standup show Douglas is.


Egyptian-American Rami Hasan in this heartfelt comedy tells of a man who tries to understand himself and his faith better. The second season features Oscar winner Maharshala Ali as a sheikh trying to guide the title character that he craves. Remi Joseph’s Stars.

Space Force (NETFLIX, May 29TH)

Julia Alexander of The Verge described the Space Force as “if Michael Scott from office was described as a team of scientists and astronauts and independently to develop a program that would allow the United States to space Will give absolute dominion over “which sounds amazing tbh. Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, Jane Lynch and the late Fred Willard Starr.


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